Protect your IT systems, data and people.

Advanced managed cyber security services that proactively protect and defend your network.

Cyber Security Services

Zed Protect defends your entire network against ransomware, real-time attacks and zero day viruses.

Cyber Security Essentials

Guard against the most common cyber threats and demonstrate your commitment to cyber security.

Cyber Security Audits

Our cyber security audit can identify security and compliance weaknesses in your company.

Cyber security audits.

Cyber security audits are a vital component of an organisation’s defences against data breaches and privacy violations.

Internal & External vulnerability audit.

Our cyber security audits are used by businesses to assess security compliance and to identify any security vulnerabilities, weak links, and high-risk practices. We deliver in-depth analysis of internal and external security practices to highlight and address any weak spots in your business security.

Audit security policies & procedures.

We provide recommendations on how you can leverage technology in your business security to not only stay ahead of cyber criminals but to stay security compliant and avoid fines.

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Cyber security essentials.

With our industry leading systems and solutions, we offer a range of advanced managed cyber security services that proactively protect and defend.

Advanced threat detection.

Zed One provides advanced detection, incident response and recovery against the newest security threats. Our next-gen managed cyber security services are designed to help you identify, mitigate and proactively defend against security risks and attacks.

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Our approach is simple, we invest time in getting to know your business so we can help you reduce risk, achieve goals and maximise your technology investments.

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Cyber security services.

Keeping your information systems secure requires a multi-layered approach, with Zed One you get access to our award winning hardware and software security, monitoring and compliance services in one place.
We provide advanced detection, incident response and recovery against the newest security threats. Our award winning managed cyber security services are designed to help you identify, mitigate and proactively defend against security risks and attacks.
Zed One’s Cyber Security Vulnerability Management Solution empowers our Information Security Professionals and your IT Team to help safeguard your business critical data from vulnerabilities and exploits. Continuously detect, manage & protect your IT assets for common vulnerabilities and exposures, zero-day vulnerabilities, and common misconfigurations based on the Center for Internet Security (CIS) Top 20 critical security controls benchmarks.

A cyber security audit primarily covers your organisation’s IT systems. This includes infrastructure, the deployed software and devices your employees use.

However, this is only one aspect of information security, and a comprehensive assessment won’t stop at technical resilience. It will also assess:

  • Data security: network access controls, data encryption and the way sensitive information moves through the organisation;
  • Operational security: information security policies, procedures and controls;
  • Network security: network controls, antivirus configurations and network monitoring;
  • System security: patching, privileged account management and access controls; and
  • Physical security: the organisation’s premises, and physical devices that are used to store sensitive information.

Each aspect of the audit ensures that the relevant controls are in place, optimised and implemented in line with regulatory requirements.

Ensuring an effective cyber security management system in place can deliver greater productivity by reducing costs, minimise downtime and increase your organisations technology and security performance.

With a cyber security audit, we can identify any non-compliant processes, whether that’s in relation to the GDPR, the UK Data Protection Act or another law.

Zed One offer a wide range of different cloud options tailored to suit the needs of your business and your available budget. From Cloud Hosted Desktop, VoIP, Cloud Backup Solutions and high performance Leased Lines.

We have extensive experience with anything your business could need in an IT capacity, please give us a call if your requirements are more bespoke.

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