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Cloud hosted desktop service is the ideal solution for Living Capital and its global users.

Living Capital is an investment group dedicated to building the value of its ownership of high growth companies, within the drinks, film and TV and loyalty systems sectors. The company also develops and builds new business opportunities from and within these sectors and businesses. With offices in London and Malta, the company requires access to its IT systems on a global basis. They initially became involved with Zed One in 2007 as Yasemin Olcay of Living Capital explained. “We were looking for an IT services supplier that could provide high-quality support for our systems without the usual rigid and expensive contract. Consequently, we were attracted by Zed Blocks that offer pay-as-you-go IT support with the high level of service we need.”

Replacement infrastructure.

When they subsequently suffered from a server failure, they approached Zed One and asked for their advice as to the best solution for the company. Zed One carried out an in-depth audit of Living Capital’s current and likely future requirements and highlighted 2 options. The first was a traditional in-house server and desktop infrastructure, whilst the second was based around our ZED HOST hosted managed desktop platform utilising cloud computing. “We went with the hosted solution,” said Yasemin “as this offered a number of benefits for us. “Firstly, it enabled us to get the business back up and running in the shortest time and most cost-effective way possible without the need for up-front capital expenditure. “Secondly, with a global user base it provided the most efficient way of giving people access to our systems remotely. Finally, it meant that we no longer have to bother about supporting the infrastructure ourselves. We could get on with our jobs, safe in the knowledge that Zed One were constantly managing and monitoring our IT infrastructure.”

Secure, scalable and flexible solution.

“What we find most impressive about Zed One,” continued Yasemin “is they always get things done. We do not want to be IT experts we just need to know our IT systems are going to be there and work. If there is a problem Zed One sort it out.” This high level of service extends beyond supporting Living Capital’s infrastructure as Yasemin explained. “We recently had to move office and Zed One were very responsive and really helpful in this task. Their professionalism meant that this was one less thing for me to worry about during the move.” More and more businesses are moving to hosted desktop solutions that utilise cloud computing due to the inherent advantages. “I cannot see us ever moving back to a traditional in-house server approach,” concluded Yasemin. “ZED HOST is so much more flexible and allows us to quickly and easily scale our IT systems as the business continues to grow. The fact that there is no capital expenditure requirement when we add a new user coupled with reduced operating costs makes it a very attractive service. “We also don’t have to worry about security as all our data and applications are held remotely in a secure data centre where Zed One takes care of the patching and updates. A necessary chore I don’t miss having to do.”