Business Continuity and backup solutions.

Reliable, resilient & simply clever business continuity solutions.

Advanced Backup Verification

Advanced Backup Verification allows us to confidently verify that your important backups are error free and ready to restore.

Instant Virtualisation

Should your business experience a hardware failure, the server can be virtualised instantly on the Datto appliance.

Business Continuity

Zed One protects your data from ransomware, corrupted or deleted files, even a server meltdown. It's not just backup, it's business continuity.

Business class backup solutions.

Datto’s SIRIS business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) includes Ransomware Detection and Advanced Backup Verification.

Disaster recovery.

With Datto, even if you are experiencing an outage at your workplace, work doesn't have to stop. Datto Continuity can get you back to business in a little as 6 minutes on virtual servers, which can be accessed anywhere you have working internet. Solidify your last line of defense against ransomware attacks to ensure your data and your customers' data is secure.

Business continuity.

It's not just backup, it's business continuity. Our engineers are Datto Certified and part of the global partner program. We protect thousands of devices 24/7 from downtime and data loss. Get reliable backup and business continuity from the experts.

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Instant virtualisation.

Instant Virtualization technology enables businesses to resume operations locally on the device or in the Datto Cloud while primary systems are restored.

What is Instant virtualisation?

If your business experience a hardware failure or in the unfortunate event of a local disaster such as a fire or flood, the entire network can be recreated in the secure Datto Cloud in a matter of minutes.
Secure connections are provided to employees enabling your business to continue while the initial problem is worked on.

24/7 monitoring & customer support.

Enterprise Grade monitoring ensures your systems stay healthy. Our secure and reliable backup solutions use innovative backup technology, virtualization, and the secure Datto Cloud to minimise business downtime.

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Advanced backup verification.

Advanced Backup Verification with automated integrity checks to evaluate and report the health of your backups.

Intelligent backup verification.

Data integrity is key. What good is backup if you can’t restore? With Datto SIRIS it starts with backups that are verified at multiple levels including patented Screenshot Verification that verifies not just boot-up ability but application accessibility. Patented ransomware scanning delivers peace-of-mind that client data is not compromised giving you 100% Recovery Confidence.

Business efficiency & service.

Achieve the next level of business efficiency and service with our integrated and powerful backup solutions. Our approach is simple, we invest time in getting to know your business so we can help you reduce risk, achieve goals and maximise your technology investments.

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