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Zed One Implements Datto Total Data Protection Solution To Eradicate Downtime For Fire Systems.

Fire Systems is an independently run fire alarm company predominantly providing services in the London area and the surrounding Home Counties. This includes the design, procurement and installation of all types of fire protection equipment such as fire alarm systems, emergency lighting, smoke vents, fire extinguishers, and fire risk assessments.

Downtime Costs Money.

Their IT investment is vital to the company’s ongoing success, as Len Mason, a director of Fire Systems explained. “We have more than 20 engineers continually in the field who are always in contact with our office via their PDA. We utilise service management software to schedule their work and keep them informed of any changes to their schedule. So, if were to suffer an IT failure we would not be able to operate and would be losing money.”

“It was important that we had in place a solution that ensured that if a problem occurred with our IT platform we would be back up and running again within minutes.”

Initially, Fire Systems had setup a data backup facility that effectively synchronised the data from one server to another within their office. This was then expanded to synchronise externally, but still did not provide the peace of mind that they wanted.

“It was very difficult to match up files if there was a problem,” said Len, “also, we were having problems with our existing IT partner. So, we decided to look for a new partner who could provide us with a more robust data protection solution.”

Instant Virtualisation Dramatically Reduce Downtime.

After looking at the alternatives, Fire Systems eventually chose Zed One to be their new IT partner. “They could provide everything we needed,” explained Len, “and offered the responsive and flexible service we were looking for.”

Zed One’s consultants recommended the installation of a Datto SIRIS Total Data Protection Solution, due to the importance to Fire Systems requirement of minimal downtime. The instant virtualisation that the solution offers dramatically reduces downtime. If a server fails for any reason, a virtual version of that server is instantly and automatically created on the device.

This enables business applications to seamlessly shift to run on the virtual server in as little as six seconds. If the problem is more widespread, the entire IT network can be up and running in the Datto Cloud in a matter of minutes.

The Datto SIRIS virtualisation features also allowed Fire Systems to perform critical sandbox testing of patches on virtual versions of their servers before applying them on live production servers. This gave them confidence knowing when they had to apply required updates to their servers that all potential impacts to their IT platform had been taken into account.

Disaster Recovery Plan.

The Total Data Protection Solution was installed in early 2013. “It has given us complete peace of mind,” said Len. “Our Datto is now a central part of our disaster recovery plans as these are required when tendering for large contracts, especially government ones.”

“Fortunately, we have only had to use it to recover a file once so far, but it worked perfectly. We occasionally carry out a test and the ease with which you can recover a file or files is exceptional.

“As a fire prevention company we know too well what a fire damage can cost a business and have seen the impact first-hand. When businesses experience a fire, 80% of them will go out of business within 3 years as a direct result of the disruption afterwards. With our Datto SIRIS solution, we know this won’t happen to us.

“Zed One are extremely professional. Their staff are very friendly and are obviously very experienced with the technology they install and support. Importantly, they don’t talk down to you in technical babble, but explain things in business terms. So, you always fully understand what the problem is and how they are going to fix it. I feel confident that Zed One will be able to look after all our IT needs for the foreseeable future.”