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Bango Implements Bespoke Cloud Based Hosted VoIP Telephony Solution From Zed One.

Bango is a global award winning company that provides the technology that powers commerce for businesses targeting the growing market of Internet-enabled mobile phone users. Their products collect payment from mobile users for on-line content and services and provide accurate analytics for mobile marketing campaigns and sites. The world’s leading app stores and brands plus thousands of smaller content providers and developers use Bango products to run their mobile businesses. With a head office in Cambridge, UK and branch offices in New York and San Francisco the company operates a global-reach call centre to support its customers worldwide. Such a setup is naturally heavily dependent on its telephone systems as Gen Cope, HR & Facilities Coordinator for Bango explained. “As a global leading Mobile technology business we operate a complex phone system to support the business and its customers. Uptime, quality of service, support and cost are therefore essential to us.”

Problems And Shortcomings.

In the past Bango experienced a number of problems and shortcomings with their existing telephony solution. “We were looking to add more features to our system”, explained Gen. “But the solution system crashed and our existing Telecoms supplier placed us onto a temporary platform. This was far from ideal and not sustainable for the long term and therefore we took advantage of our situation and evaluated our options.”

Feature-Rich And Cost-Effective Solution.

“Our current telecoms supplier proposed an in-house solution which required a very high immediate capitol expense and high on-going maintenance and running costs, all in all a very high cost of ownership and without the simple scalability and many of the feature sets we required.” “We had decided that we wanted to work with a supplier who could fully support us through the process, buying from the internet was not an option. We wanted to work with knowledgeable and experienced people who could also demonstrate the system features, offer hands on use of the products, manage the complexities of the transition and provide onsite installation and training and on-going 24/7 support.” “We approached Zed One as we have a relationship with them having worked with them for a number of years for our IT support. Zed One listened to our extensive list of requirements and our business plans both current and future, they totally understood our needs after which they recommend and proposed the easily scalable global leading cloud VOIP telephony platform solution from Broadsoft utilising industry leaders Polycom and Yealink VOIP handsets who provide the best audio quality HD Voice™ technology.”

Scalable Solution.

As a pure VoIP-Cloud based system, Zed One supports all of Bango’s users and Supervisors anywhere in the world without any need for them to commit to additional capacity in advance, with 30 day licences they can simply scale up and down as and when needed. “From the start of the project I and the Bango team have been impressed with the way that Zed One’s consultative approach taking the time to listen and fully understand our requirements. Prior to proposing a solution we met at their offices where we were able to use the demonstration facilities providing us with hands on use of the system and a comprehensive walk through all of the features. This worked perfectly, they not only provided a great solution but also through their business knowledge recommended features that gave us even more value than we had thought were possible and exceeding our expectations for a telephony solution.” Call Centre System Solution. In addition to individual users Bango wanted a call centre management system to help them to continue and improve upon delivering great customer service. The new VOIP platform integrated call centre solution has brought many benefits to Bango as Gen explained. “It is much more reliable than our previous solution, we now also get live data and comprehensive reporting which helps us to better manage our resources, we also have the peace of mind knowing that if there is a problem we can rely on Zed One’s support whatever the hour of the day.”