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Zed One implement Datto Total Data Protection solution for CS Healthcare.

CS Healthcare is a friendly mutual society, run for the benefit of its members. It is a specialist provider of competitively priced health insurance to all parts of the civil service, public sector and not-for-profit organisations. They pride themselves on providing a high level of personal service and direct access to experienced UK-based staff, who are dedicated to helping their members.

Better Backup Solution.

In August 2014 CS Healthcare changed their IT partner to Zed One, as Simon Drew, Business support executive explained. “We looked at a number of potential partners before making our decision. Zed One ticked all the boxes, they were local, demonstrated considerable expertise, had the number of staff needed to support a company of our size and explained things to us in a non-technical manner.” “Our business model requires our IT partner to effectively act as a virtual IT manager and we felt confident that Zed One could do that. One of the first issues they addressed for us was that of backups. We needed a more robust, efficient and more easily manageable solution, as we had only been taking minimal backups prior to Zed One taking over.”

True Business Continuity.

CS Health care utilise some 28 Windows-based servers, supporting over 95 users. After analysing their requirements, Zed One consultants recommended the installation of a solution based on Datto SIRIS. This market leading solution goes beyond simple backup to provide true business continuity and enables a business to keep operational whilst facing hardware failure, malware or even natural disaster. Zed One configured and installed the solution that initially protects critical data internally then copies this to the cloud for extra resilience. The first full backup of all the data takes time to copy, while subsequent backups are only of data that has changed and so are much quicker to copy. The Datto solution ensures that at any time, a full current backup is always ready for immediate recovery.

Fast And Pain Free Data Recovery.

Now that the solution has been in place for some time CS Healthcare have been able to clearly recognise the benefits of their investment, as Simon explained. “On a number of occasions we have had problems and had to refer to our backups and the service has been fast and pain free.” “Before Zed One introduced the Datto SIRIS solution we had a data centre that we replicated our infrastructure to. This had a negative economic impact on our business as we had to maintain a complete mirror image of our IT Infrastructure (Servers & SAN Storage). To invoke disaster recovery was not only a complicated process but could also take up to 48 hours. Zed One has not only saved us a significant amount of money but has reduced our recovery time. They provide us with a complete disaster recovery space, comprising of computers, printers and phones, within 12 hours.” Commenting on the service they have been given by Zed One, Simon concluded. “They have been excellent, from initial advice in non-technical terms that business people could understand, through the installation, training and setup to ongoing support, I cannot fault them. They are always easy to get hold of and quick to respond. I feel confident that with Zed One, as our virtual IT manager, our IT investment and future is in good hands.”