Reliable Superfast Connections for Small Businesses.

Uses traditional phone and therefore cost effective!

Superfast Connectivity

Speeds up to 330Mbps/48Mbps available.


24/7 monitoring and customer support. Minimising impact to your Business.

Cost Effective

Connectivity does not require any additional cabling or digging.₁

High Availability

Line resilience possible, where site availability is critical.

Delivered via phone line

Allows you to still support your traditional voice calls/fax over the line.

Load Balancing

Use multiple lines in order to achieve a higher bandwidth for your web based services.

Zed One Broadband

Broadband services are available in ADSL, VDSL and technologies. VDSL and technologies provide offer high-speed connection, where these are not available ADSL is offered with lower bandwidth. All services have unrivalled contention ratios and an unbeatable customer support, all for a low-cost monthly flat fee.
Available to almost every location, VDSL uses the latest Next Generation Access technology available to deliver the fastest business broadband offering to your business. VDSL is an asymmetrical broadband service, offering speeds of up to 80Mbps over existing telephone lines combined with FTTC (fibre to the cabinet) technology.
For premises where VDSL is not available, there is ADSL as an alternative. ADSL is an asymmetrical broadband service, delivering bandwidth up to 24Mbps. A range of shared bandwidth levels are available, and can be delivered over an existing telephone line or supplied with new copper access.
The latest in broadband technology is the G.Fast offering. Available to limited areas across the country with continual rollout via Openreach. Impressive speeds up to 330Mbps are available over the traditional copper phone line.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Can I use my existing phone line and continue to use it for calls?
Although Hosted Cloud Telephony is the recommended solution for all modern businesses, we can either deliver the service over your existing phone line so you can still use it for calls. Alternatively, we can deploy new copper specifically for use by the broadband service.