Cloud Hosted Telephony services.

Business Class Telephony For You, Hosted & Managed By Us.



End to End Encrypted Connection via Remote Desktop.


99.9% Uptime SLA With 24/7/365 UK Based Support & Account Manager.

Portable & Versatile

Don't be stuck at the office, make landline calls anywhere on your mobile.


Protected Data Replication with Datto™ Backup.


Powered By The Latest Microsoft Applications.

Low Cost Entry

No expensive PBX hardware required to run your telephony system.

Zed One Hosted Telephony (VoIP)

Get access to feature rich telephony, low cost calls and great sound quality. Our Hosted Managed Telephony service gives your business immediate access to low cost phone calls and saves you from having to buy and maintain a conventional PBX system. 
A single incoming call rings multiple phones all at the same time, so your office phone, home phone, mobile phone and branch office phone, can all ring simultaneously – you simply answer whichever phone you are near. Your customers and colleagues only need to remember one number and you never need miss a call again.
With separate ‘busy’ and ‘no answer’ greetings, all customisable and personalized by each individual user. Have your voice mails forwarded to you or any of your colleagues via email. Users can choose to have their voicemail messages forwarded as an attachment (WAV File), or just an instant eMail notification that they have a message, including the inbound number, persons name and the time they left the message.
With the mobile softphone applications for windows and iPhones, calls appear as if they originated from your office number, so the person you are calling sees your office number on their caller ID, not your mobile number. That person can return your call by dialing your office number and it will be delivered to your mobile phone.
A single phone number, with one voicemail box to manage for all your phones, including your desk phone, PC, Mac, mobile or any softphone. You can make calls from any phone, anytime, anywhere. Regardless of whether you are in the office on a fixed phone, PC or Mac, on the road using your mobile or in a hotel calling from your laptop.

Want to find out more? Download our Zed One Hosted Telephony (VoIP) Documentation.

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